Dance like the wind!


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Stop fucking complaining. At least we still have a fucking show.


"How wonderful!" The grandmother cooed, laughing as she bent to scoop the cheerful little one into her arms from his place in the snow. "I swear, you all just seem to grow so fast! Rohan will be walking all over before we know it, just as you and your other siblings did."

Moving closer, Katara placed a hand over Ikki’s shoulder once more. “Why don’t we all head inside and warm up with some tea?” She smiled warmly, looking between the small group to address each. 

"Ohh! Do you have lychee tea?" She squealed. Helping her grandmother into her house, Ikki boasted loudly. "I can get it Gran Gran. You just sit with Rohan!" The young girl discarded her coat on the hanger, running over to the cabinets. She pulled out a kettle, filling it with water, and hanging it over the fire by the hook. She watched it, waiting for it to squeal. 


When Pema and Tenzin with the other two children arrived, Meelo already was covered in snow. “Gran Gran, mom made you some homemade buns filled with jelly.” The oldest out of the four children set down the tied up cloth on the table. The entire family always took care of Katara while they visited. Most times they were short, but every visit was special. The children helped her with chores, making it easier for her. 

Meelo noticed Ikki by the kettle and ran over to the cabinets, setting down a cup for everyone on the table. “Meelo! Rohan can’t have tea yet!” The youngest daughter chimed.



His smile seemed to crawl all the way from one ear to the other. “Yeah yeah?” Listening to his sister’s master plan intently. His eyes widened a little and Meelo nodded enthusiastically. “That’s a perfect plan! They won’t even see it coming.” 


Dancing around in a circle. “We can sneak right up on ‘em and then suddenly— SPLAT!” Twirling up in the air and falling back, as if he got hit with a fruit tart,  just for more emphasis.


Sitting up, with a questionable look. “Sooo— you know how to make them, right?”

She stepped back when her brother spun up in the air. She giggled when he fell back. It made her imagine the two older airbenders’ faces. The young girl was sure that Jinora would airbend them off the temple grounds. It would be worth it. Totally worth it. 

She scoffed. “What? Of course I do! I don’t remember most of it but it is in one of the cook books here!” Ikki grasped her younger brother’s wrist, tugging him along into the kitchen. The book was on a stand, opened to a different sweet treat. Retrieving, she flipped through the pages until she found the fruit tart recipe. 

"First we need sugar, flour, and water."

ikki-the-airbenderThe young girl stared up at him, wide-eyed. "Are you my Grandpa?"



"Yes," he answered, "I am."


          “Hello, Ikki.”

Aang was nothing more than a fragment of a spirit; simply a small, tiny piece broken from its vessel—torn from Korra—and now free to drift through the world like a leaf on the wind. And, as such, his existence was dependent on how open a person’s mind was. He was rather proud to note that Ikki’s seemed open enough to conjure him as a solid entity.


   ”Every letter,” he promised her, smiling sideways at her.  He listened to her with a growing smile, grateful for her enthusiasm, for her energy, for her kind words. For finally being able to be with her. 

    “I know,” he said of the other air benders, laughing. “It is very exciting. But I much rather hear about you.”

Oooh, is Appa here with you, Grandpa?” The young girl practically hung off his shoulders freely. Grasping onto his bald head, peering down to his face. “Daddy always told us stories about Appa. He helped Gran Gran and you take care of him, Auntie Kya, and Uncle Bumi.”

She flipped off his shoulders, landing on the ground gently. “Aw, but I want to know about you, Grandpa. I’ve only heard about you in stories and what Korra tells us.”

Where to start? “Hmm, I figured out I could airbend when I was three! And I got a pet lemur recently! I named him Momo the second after Momo! I was thinking about Sparkleberry prince charming, but that’s too much, right?” The child stopped in her tracks, with her crazy imagination coming to a halt. “Wait a minute…”

"Did Korra cheat in the air scooter race with Avatar State so you could play with us?"


guys can we do a bryke appreciation day on friday and just fill our dashes with everything avatar/korra and just thank them for all the crap they have had to put up with and make them feel wonderful because they deserve so much better


Some stories stay with us forever


I really want Jinora to get her airbending master tattoos and Kai to be super proud. 


I really want Jinora to get her airbending master tattoos and Kai to be super proud. 



"I can’t stop talking, Jinora and Kai give me oogies, I’m too full of energy"

"I don’t sound like that!"

mrspiritual"I could really use a hug right now."


Pema obliged, slipping her hands beneath her husband’s cloak and wrapping her arms around his waist. Her cheek pressed against his chest and she sighed, nodding. “I think we all could, dear.”

The young girl pushed between her parents. “I wanna a hug, too.”

Nick Pulls Korra Off the Air After Episode 8 This Friday


According to NickandMore, Nickelodeon has pulled the last 5 scheduled new airings of “Legend of Korra” for Book 3. Episode 8 will air this Friday the 25th at 8pm, but then there are no further scheduled new airings. No word yet on when the episodes will air.